Rasberry Pi Server notes

Linux package management on Raspbian

Search for a package by name or description. Probably works on all Linux distros that use apt

apt-cache search <keyword>

Get a list of all packages

apt-cache search .



Location of site apache2 configurations


Enable site

a2ensite <site from sites-available directory>

Enable module

a2enmod <module from mods-available directory>

Enabled configuration

a2enconf <configuration from conf-available directory>

Also there are associated commands to disable site, module or configuration that start with a2dis* (e.g. a2dissite)

Controlling the apache service

apachectl <stop|start|restart|graceful|graceful-stop|configtest|status|fullstatus|help>


I use Samba on my linux rigs (Ubuntu and Raspbian) so I can set up file shares that I can access from my development machine (a Macbook Air or sometimes Windows 10)

Samba config location


Samba config entry for exposing a file share. I put this at the end of smb.conf (after backing up smb.conf first :))

path = /some-file-path
available = yes
read only = no
browsable = yes
public = yes
writable = yes
  • fileshare-name: the name of the file share as it will appear to other computers (Windows and OSX etc)
  • /some-file-path: The files to be shared with other users
  • <some-linux-group>: I make a linux group and put users in it who I want to have access to the files.

Restart Samba

use below command to restart samba service after making config file changes, such as modifying file shares

sudo systemctl restart nmbd smbd




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